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ART:: Jennifer Nagle Myers @ 707 Gallery — Opens 3/4/16

Work from "Waterfall Vision" by Jennifer Nagle Myers

Work from “Waterfall Vision” by Jennifer Nagle Myers

“Waterfall Vision,” a show of new work by Jennifer Nagle Myers opens Friday, March 4th at 707 Gallery. Myers, a NYC native, is currently based in Pittsburgh and is in-residency with Pittsburgh Filmmakers / Pittsburgh Center for the Arts (her work in production for that residency looks interesting as well.)

Nagle Mayers’ work covers many mediums and approaches, although the early hints to what will be part of Waterfall Vision point toward 2D work similar in nature to her previous pigment on slate pieces. It should be an interesting show.

Facebook event page is HERE.



ART:: “SELF-DRIVING CAR” (CMU 2016 MFA Thesis Show) — Opens 3/18/16

Jesse Kauppila

Jesse Kauppila

Work from current MFA candidates: Dan Allende, Zhiwan Cheung, Nima Dehghani, Ada-Scarlett Hopper, Jesse Kauppila, Tucker Marder, and Daniel Pillis


“Travellers’ Tales

The unpredictability of the MFA program at CMU is one of its strengths and joys. It is a three year journey of exploration led by student curiosity, experiment and adventure.

In this final year MFA exhibition, we will experience: a belly aching performance full of gut wrenching bathos; a heartfelt search for identity within and beyond ethnicity; concern with exile, diaspora, displacement and virtuality; the body in extremis, biologically, physically and philosophically; intellectual gamesmanship, exploring the relationship between technology and craft; surprising collisions between human culture and animal behavior; and the interface between personal and technological histories, emotional and artificial intelligence.

All of this with depth and intensity, approached variously with humor and candor, passion and politics, deliberation and determination. This group of young artists have been test driving ideas on a tough course. Students bring ideas, hopes, enthusiasms, expectations and practices which are challenged, examined and developed through intense discussion and debate with faculty and peers.

Having had attentive instructors over the last three years, they have ultimately found their own sense of direction, and are now totally into self-driving mode. I am sure that the road ahead is filled with wonder and discovery, and I look forward to the travellers’ tales, which will come back over the years. Congratulations and bon voyage to the MFA class of 2016.”

– John Carson, Regina and Marlin Miller Professor, Head of the School of Art


More information on the CMU site can be found HERE.

Facebook event page is HERE.

ART:: Ka-Man Tse and Aaron Blum @ Silver Eye Center For Photography, 1/29/16

This friday is the opening reception for Ka-Man Tse and Aaron Blum’s solo shows at Silver Eye.

Fellowship 16: Projects by Ka-Man Tse & Aaron Blum features solo exhibitions from our International Award and Keystone Award winners, selected from an open call for entries in mid-2015.

Join us for an opening reception on Friday, January 29, 2016, from 6:00 – 8:00 pm. Remarks by award winners Ka-Man Tse and Aaron Blum will be at 6:30 pm. This event is free and open to the public.

The exhibition runs through April 2, 2016.

Facebook event page is here. I’ll be there.


POETRY:: Robin Clarke, Crystal Hoffman, and Charles Legere @ SPACE

Tonight, Friday 1/5 @ SPACE

As part of SPACE gallery’s current exhibition, The Mountain and the Bumblebee, three poets will be reading poems about landscape, capital, and survival. Featuring Robin Clarke, Crystal Hoffman, and Charles Legere.

Facebook event page


Silver Eye Center for Photography, thank you for existing!

This past July, I moved from Brooklyn– with it’s hyper-saturated art scene– to a much smaller Pittsburgh. I lived in NYC for almost 20 years, and even though I was quite spoiled by the volume of fine art culture there, I somehow knew things would be happening in Pittsburgh, too. Slowly but surely, I am learning that an art scene *is* here… it might just take me a little time to piece together the map of its parts.

This past weekend, I made my first trip t0 Silver Eye Center for Photography in the South Side for their (3rd) annual book fair. If you haven’t been to this event, it’s kind of like the NY Art Book Fair or the LA Art Book Fair, only at a teeny fraction of the size. But while the market for fine art books in Pittsburgh might be smaller than the aforementioned Coasts, the quality of work inside Silver Eye’s walls was very high.

One of my favorite exhibitors was Minneapolis-based Mystery Spot Books. I picked up “Scanned Land” by Chad Rutter, and I would suggest that you do too… it’s only $5!


Artist: Chad Rutter

Scanned Land is a project that uses an HP flatbed scanner as a tool for exploring the physical attributes of sites and their larger land features.

Edition size: 250, Offset Printing, 12 Pages | $5

Excerpt from "Scanned Land" by Chad Rutter

Excerpt from “Scanned Land” by Chad Rutter (photo: Mystery Spot Books)

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