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TEEN @ Club Cafe 2/18/16

TEEN‘s new release “Love Yes” is out February 19th and they are in Pittsburgh at Club Cafe the day before that in support. Worth checking out.

Tickets here.


Julien Baker / Cold Weather @ Club Cafe 1/19/15

I don’t know much about Julien, but I have several Pittsburgh friends who are deep into the American singer/songwriter scene and I kind of happened onto her that way. Her songs are super nice and she definitely has some kind of vocal power that sucks you in and makes you stay for a while. Looking forward to seeing her live for the first time.

I know a little more about Cold Weather. I met Mark at a party not long after arriving in Pittsburgh, and after our first conversation I quickly realized that we had a lot in common and he was someone I wanted to talk to more. Cold Weather’s debut full-length is so cohesive and visual– I was instantly a fan. Are you a Heatmiser or Elliot Smith fan? Then you might dig this too.

Here’s the Facebook event page.

Tickets here.

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