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MUSIC:: The Soft Moon / The Gotobeds / The Garment District @ Cattivo 2/19/16

The Soft Moon have recently released their 3rd (I think?) full-length on Captured Tracks and it’s a dark, leathery, synth-y gem. They play Cattivo this Friday.

Facebook event page is HERE.

The Coffee Hunt: Espresso A Mano

As previously stated:

…I figured I would set out to try every espresso in The City (and some in the South Hills burbs)… if you want to find the perfect coffee, you have to put in the legwork. In the interest of simplicity, here’s how it’s gonna go down: single shot espresso, rating from 1-10 based solely on that shot. No further justification. Just because.

Today I tried espresso a mano in Lawrenceville. Unlike most coffee shops I’m encountering in Pittsburgh, espresso a mano offers two “house” espressos: Counter Culture and Coava. Since I’ve had CC many times, I went for the Coava El Gorrion. Absolutely PERFECT cup of coffee, and the best I’ve had in Pittsburgh so far.



Honduras / The Beverleys @ Spirit 1/13/16

Brooklyn’s Honduras and tour-mates The Beverleys (from Toronto, not to be confused with Brookyln’s Beverly ) will be at Spirit on January 13th. I’m looking forward to both bands! Listen to both below. I’ll definitely check out this Wednesday show.

Zombi / Pinkish Black / Microwaves @ Cattivo 11/14/15

Although I had to leave before Zombi due to a cat-related medical emergency, (true story) I did get to catch Ft. Worth, Texas’ Pinkish Black supporting their latest release “Bottom of the Morning”. Totally digging them: synth-y, heavy, experimental. I didn’t have a chance to take photos/video, but here’s a good clip of a recent set in Brooklyn:


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