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TEEN @ Club Cafe 2/18/16

TEEN‘s new release “Love Yes” is out February 19th and they are in Pittsburgh at Club Cafe the day before that in support. Worth checking out.

Tickets here.


Julien Baker / Cold Weather @ Club Cafe 1/19/15

I don’t know much about Julien, but I have several Pittsburgh friends who are deep into the American singer/songwriter scene and I kind of happened onto her that way. Her songs are super nice and she definitely has some kind of vocal power that sucks you in and makes you stay for a while. Looking forward to seeing her live for the first time.

I know a little more about Cold Weather. I met Mark at a party not long after arriving in Pittsburgh, and after our first conversation I quickly realized that we had a lot in common and he was someone I wanted to talk to more. Cold Weather’s debut full-length is so cohesive and visual– I was instantly a fan. Are you a Heatmiser or Elliot Smith fan? Then you might dig this too.

Here’s the Facebook event page.

Tickets here.

Honduras / The Beverleys @ Spirit 1/13/16

Brooklyn’s Honduras and tour-mates The Beverleys (from Toronto, not to be confused with Brookyln’s Beverly ) will be at Spirit on January 13th. I’m looking forward to both bands! Listen to both below. I’ll definitely check out this Wednesday show.

Disappears to perform Bowie’s “Low” @ The Warhol 2/23/16

From The Warhol’s event page:

The Warhol welcomes the Chicago-based band Disappears for a special two-set evening. The first set features new and unreleased material, and in the second set the band performs David Bowie’s 1977 album Low

I mean, do you need to say anything else?? I’ll be there.



Deafheaven @ Stage AE 1/15/16

Deafheaven are starting the US portion of their tour in Pittsburgh. I would typically be pretty excited about this, but they are performing in support of Anthrax (who I love, but maybe don’t need to see in 2016) and Lamb of God (who I don’t know much about.) Do I pay for the arena-price ticket and then leave after the first band? We shall see.


Protomartyr / Priests @ Brillobox 2/11/16

Protomartyr! Priests!


U.S. Tour 2016 (part 1), more info at:

Posted by Protomartyr on Friday, December 4, 2015


Terror / Code Orange / Take Offense / King Nine / Malfunction @ Altar Bar, 11/30/15

A pretty solid bill all around, but the standout for me was Code Orange— devastatingly powerful and impossible to stop watching on stage. Their latest release “I Am King” is really good, especially when it ventures into the industrial corners of post-hardcore. I’ll be seeing these guys every chance I get.

Code Orange @ The Altar Bar 11/30/15

Code Orange @ The Altar Bar 11/30/15

Zombi / Pinkish Black / Microwaves @ Cattivo 11/14/15

Although I had to leave before Zombi due to a cat-related medical emergency, (true story) I did get to catch Ft. Worth, Texas’ Pinkish Black supporting their latest release “Bottom of the Morning”. Totally digging them: synth-y, heavy, experimental. I didn’t have a chance to take photos/video, but here’s a good clip of a recent set in Brooklyn:


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