As previously stated:

…I figured I would set out to try every espresso in The City (and some in the South Hills burbs)… if you want to find the perfect coffee, you have to put in the legwork. In the interest of simplicity, here’s how it’s gonna go down: single shot espresso, rating from 1-10 based solely on that shot. No further justification. Just because.

Why have I not visited this place until today? Lawrenceville’s
Constellation Coffee hits the nail on the head in just about every way: a great, airy, clean space, super friendly and competent staff, fresh baked treats (some vegan), and great coffee.

Constellation serves Ceremony, which I’ve had before in other establishments, but never as spot-on as here. I’m not really sure what’s different about how the barista here pulls a shot, but it’s the best. New all-city favorite.